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Welcome to Rainbow Leo's Shop! ~


Dear customers,

We have decided to close Rainbow Leo Shop down temporarily due to the lack of response for the sprees and our busy schedule.

We sincerely thank all of you for your continuous support and could not have done this without you!

✽╮Brand New Taiwan Imported Instocks╭✽
Offering you brand new ready stocks imported from Taiwan sprees!
Absolutely no waiting time required!
All items are brand new in package!
Limited stocks only!
Click below to browse through!
☆Rainbow Leo's Shop
Upcoming Sprees:
(None at the moment)

Ongoing Sprees:
(None at the moment)

Cleocat Fashion #2

Sunday, July 5, 2009


(Scroll down to check the spree status!)

(Click on the banner to shop!)

**This might be the last Cleocat spree we're organising~!
So order before you miss it!**

*Note: Items with "Open date (manufacturer stock)" will take at least 1 month to arrive.

Spree Status:
8 August - Spree closed. Waiting for all payments to be in by 9 August.
10 August - Consolidating orders. (Might take 1~2 days).
13 August - Currently we're unable to access into Cleocat's website. In the meantime, we're waiting for 3 more payments to be in.
17 August - All orders has been checked out! Waiting for Cleocat's reply.
20 August - Currently Cleocat is processing the orders.
27 August - Orders has been partially sent out exclude manufacturer order items, will receive within the next 3 working days!
1 September - Parcel has arrived! Will sort out the orders and inform all buyers. Some of the manufacturer items are not here yet.
2 September - All the buyers that have manufacturer items (MF) will not be receiving their MF items at this moment. Will e-mail buyers with the items that has reached.
*The MF(s) stated beside the buyers names' has the amount of manufacturer items that has not reached yet.
15 October - Cleocat e-mailed us that the MF items has been sent out but did not inform us how many/which MF items they've sent out. Most likely will be able to receive it by next week.
20 October - Parcel for MF items has arrived! E-mailed all (buyers with MF items)! Pls check your inbox/spam! ^^
1 November - Spree completed!

Capping at:
15 pcs of clothing
2 bags (Minimum)

Orders: 69 + 3 bags

Samantha [1 item] - PAID $15.60 (MAILED)
Pearleen [2 items] - PAID $30.30 (RECEIVED)
Ivy [5 items] - PAID $79.80 (RECEIVED)
Khaiting [1 item] - PAID $16.40 1MF (MAILED)
Cindy Ngiam [1 item] - PAID $14.80 1MF (RECEIVED)
Weiyun [2 items] - PAID $31.30 (RECEIVED)
Reena [2 items] - PAID $32.80 (MAILED)
Ker [2 items] - PAID $28.90 1OOS (RECEIVED1) {refunded $15.10}
Qiaolin [1 item] - PAID $17.80 (MAILED)
Felicia [2 items] - PAID $29.70 1MF
Sharon Sim [4 items] - PAID $58.80 1MF (RECEIVED3+MAILED1)
Apple Heng [3 items] - PAID $48.90 1MF (MAILED ALL)
Claire Hong [3 items] - PAID $48.30 2OOS (MAILED1) {refunded $32.70}
Joycelyn Ler [4 items] - PAID $70.50 3MF (MAILED ALL)
Hazel [6+3(Bags) items] - PAID $147.10 2MF, 1OOS (RECEIVED ALL) {refunded $18.60}
Yee Fang [1 item] - PAID $15.60 (RECEIVED)
Ruby [2 1 item] - PAID $17.00 (MAILED)
Janice [4 items] - PAID $73.50 1MF (MAILED ALL)
Li Hui [6 items] - PAID $83.30 2MF, 2OOS (RECEIVED4) {refunded $28.80}
Joanne [2 items] - PAID $30.10 1MF (RECEIVED ALL)
Shi Min [1 item] - PAID $18.80 1MF (MAILED)
Delphine [3 items] - PAID $48.20 1MF 1OOS (RECEIVED){refunded $16.30}
Stacey Lin [1+3 items] - PAID $15.70 (RECEIVED)
Lynn [2 items] - PAID $18.50 (RECEIVED)
Jemmie Tan [3 items] - PAID $45 2MF (RECEIVED)
Joy [2 items] - PAID $29.10 2OOS {refunded$29.10}
Stephanie [2 items] - UNPAID
Joyce Liew [1 item] - UNPAID

Handling Fee:
$1.00 per item

Registered Mail charges by Cleo Cat:
S$1.50 per clothing
S$2.00 per bags/sportwear set

Normal or Registered Mail charges by RLS to you:
Normal mail:
$1.50 per clothing, $3 per bag or sportwear set

Registered mail:
Additional $2.30 on normal mail for each item

Meetup for collection:
Hougang MRT Station - FOC

To order, please copy the order form at the side and send in your orders via email to rainbowleoshop@yahoo.com.sg

RLS will email you the payable amount once you've sent in your orders.

Thank you & have a nice day! :)


Order Forms

*Send different sprees' orders in separate e-mails.
**Pls fill in the alternative colour in case of OOS colours.

Contact number:
Email address:
Collection method: home delivery/self-collection/mass meet-up/registered mail/normal mail
Name of spree:



Item #1 (repeat whole part for more items)
Name of item:
URL of item:
Alternative Color:
Price in NT$: $
Price in S$: (NT$/20) = S$
Amount: Price in S$ + (Shipping fee) = $
Image of item:

Item #2
Name of item:
URL of item:
Alternative Color:
Price in NT$: $
Price in S$: (NT$/20) = S$
Amount: Price in S$ + (Shipping fee) = $
Image of item:

To order, please copy the order format above
(Ctrl + C = Copy, Ctrl + V = Paste) and send in your orders via email to rainbowleoshop@yahoo.com.sg


Taiwan Sprees - you need to include:
1) Shipping fees
2) Postage fees (if you opt for it!)

To convert TWD to SGD:
TWD ÷ 20 = SGD

Calculation Method:
(Total cost of all items in TWD ÷ 20) + (Shipping fees accordingly to EVERY item)

We will be glad to help you out if you are uncertain about the calculations! :)


(Please help to click whenever you see any advertisement appearing~ Every click is greatly appreciated~ )


Note: Cbox will automatically ban spammers


Rainbow Leo

☆Rainbow Leo's Shop

Rainbow Leo's Shop is set up and managed by Lynn & Vivian on 10th May 2009.
Should you have any queries, please feel free to send your email to rainbowleoshop@yahoo.com.sg

Visit Our Brand New Instocks Site:

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    ☆ No payment = No orders.

    ☆ Payments must be made before the closing date as stated on the spree after orders are confirmed.

    ☆ Buyers are to provide us the transaction reference number and the date of transaction once payments are made.

    ☆ Once orders are sent in/payment has been done, cancellation/amendments/backing out of orders is strictly not allowed and will not be refunded.

    ☆ Buyers with repeated offenses (cancellation of orders/dead buyers/etc) will be blacklisted.

    Items will take around 4~12 weeks to arrive (An estimated period of time) after items start restocking. Do place orders only if you can wait.

    ☆ Restocking only starts when the seller receives the payments. Restocking takes about 7~30 days to complete.

    ☆ RLS reserves the rights to cancel or extend the spree without any prior notice if the response is poor.

    ☆ RLS will not be responsible for any lost mail, defects in the items, or if the sellers send the wrong items/made a mistake in the colours.

    ☆ RLS will not be responsible for items that are either damaged or lost in the midst of delivery from overseas, or postage delivery.

    ☆ Please check orders thoroughly before sending in orders. Specify the colours, URL, sizes etc. RLS shall not be responsible for your mistakes.

    ☆ RLS will do a full refund if you have any out of stock (OOS) item(s) before payments of the spree's orders are made to the seller or if the spree is cancelled. Buyers are to offset their OOS item(s)' amount from another spree order if the item(s) go OOS in the midst of restocking or after payments are sent. Refunds will be made during the weekends.

    ☆ Items sold will neither be exchangeable nor refundable.

    ☆ Items will be confiscated after 1 month (from the date we email the buyer) if theres no replies from buyer/did not collect the items.

    ~Once orders are sent in, it means that you have read & agreed to all terms & conditions stated.

    ~RLS reserves the rights to amend or modify anything that is stated here without any notifications.


    Home delivery (recommended for bulky items)
    - Buyers who opt for home delivery (inclusive of payments being made) will be given priority to that of other buyers when the items arrives.

    ☆ Self-collection (at designated location - area in Hougang; further details will be given upon opting for it.)

    ☆ Mass meet-ups (only at Hougang MRT Station and only during weekends)
    - Please SMS or call us if you're going to be late for the mass/meet-up. If we do not receive any SMS/calls within 15 mins of waiting, we will leave.

    ☆ Delivery Courier Service (pricing ranging from S$6 and above; depending on the size of packaging) (Strongly Recommended)

    ☆ Registered mail (an additional of $2.30 on top of Normal Postage charges)

    ☆ Normal mail (will be charged accordingly to the weight of your item. $1.50 per clothing, $3 per bag)
    - Excess amount charged for the postage charges will not be refunded.
    - Items will only be mailed out only on weekends/when we pass by Post Offices on weekdays. - If the parcel is lost, Singpost will not be able to check or trace for it.


    ☆ ATM transfer/Internet Banking (POSB/OCBC)
    ☆ Meet-up for payment (only at our convenience)

    Spree Status

    Ongoing Sprees:
    - None at the moment -

    Pending Sprees:
    Orangebear / OB Design #9 (Restocking)

    Completed Sprees:
    Wonderland #1
    Cleocat #1
    JJS #1
    Maple Syrup #1
    Etrue #1
    MayMayLu #1
    PG Mall #1
    Ni-kiyo #1
    Cutie Fashion / Cynthia #1
    香榭時尚精品 #1
    Joyce Shop #1
    Sky Blue #1
    GGS #1
    AMY E #1
    Baimomo #1
    PG Mall #2
    Mishop #1
    Mini Jule #1
    Cleocat #2
    Wonderland #2
    Fashion Market #1
    9 Mixed Sprees
    Etrue #2
    Mishop #2
    Skyblue #2
    MayMayLu #2
    Fashion Market #2
    Smile #1
    Cutie Fashion / Cynthia #2
    Rainbow Shop #1
    Man Style #2 / MiniColor #1
    Orangebear / OB Design #1
    TwoDo #1
    BudinSea Shop #2
    PG Mall #3
    JJS #2
    Puffy #1
    Wonderland #3
    Tang Yi Zi #1
    SuperSnap #2
    1234 Shop #1
    MayMayLu Dreams #3
    Sky Blue #3
    Betwo Shop #2
    Orangebear / OB Design #2
    GGS #3
    D.P Shop #1
    PG Mall #4
    GGS #2
    Wonderland #4
    MayMayLu Dreams #4
    SuperSnap #3
    eFashion #3
    Fashion Market #3
    Sky Blue #4
    Orangebear / OB Design #3
    BudinSea Shop #3
    Mishop #3
    Cutie Fashion / Cynthia #3
    Tokyo Fashion #2
    Baimomo #2
    Two Do #2
    SuperSnap #4
    MayMayLu Dreams #5
    Sky Blue #5
    Wonderland #5
    Orangebear / OB Design #4
    PG Mall #5
    Betwo Shop #3
    Ni-kiyo #2
    Puffy #2
    D.P Shop #2
    Orangebear / OB Design #5
    Cutie Fashion / Cynthia #4
    Sky Blue #6
    Betwo Shop #4
    Baimomo #3
    Orangebear / OB Design #6
    Mishop #4
    Tokyo Fashion #3
    MayMayLu Dreams #7
    PG Mall #6
    MayMayLu #6
    eFashion #5
    Smile #2
    Joyce Shop #2
    Taiji #1
    Orangebear / OB Design #7
    Sky Blue #7
    Super Color #1
    Wonderland #6
    Sky Blue #8
    Orangebear / OB Design #8
    Baimomo #4
    Tokyo Fashion #4
    PG Mall #7
    Tokyo Fashion #5
    Cutie Fashion / Cynthia #6
    Man Style #3 / MiniColor #2
    Betwo Shop #5
    MayMayLu #9
    eFashion #7
    PG Mall #8
    MayMayLu #10
    Cutie Fashion / Cynthia #7
    Man Style #4 / MiniColor #3
    Wonderland #7
    JJS #3
    Betwo #6
    Maymaylu #11
    Taiji #2
    Jami Honey #1
    Skyblue #10
    eFashion #8
    PG Mall #9
    Betwo #7
    Taiji #3
    GGS #4
    MayMayLu #12
    Cutie Fashion / Cynthia #8
    香榭時尚精品 #2
    Betwo #8
    Betwo #9
    Buloso #1
    MayMayLu #13

    Cancelled Sprees:
    Ann Smile #1
    eFashion #4
    Colorful #2
    Maple Syrup #2
    Cutie Fashion / Cynthia #5
    eFashion #6
    Maple Syrup #3
    Mishop #5


    TESTIMONIALS: All of these testimonials are provided by our customers who have ordered from us before. If you'd like to provide us with testimonials, you can send us an email and we'll be glad to put them in! ^^


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    ☆Rainbow Leo's Shop
    ☆Rainbow Leo's Shop

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